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My girls’ teacher at AcroFitness was expecting her second baby and I had the privilege of doing her professional newborn session! Typically I recommend scheduling newborn sessions during the first 5-10 days after the baby is born, but we didn’t get together until Zola was nearly 1-month old.

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One-month-old? Well, surely that is still a newborn, right? Of course! She was still teeny tiny, and capable of curling up in a ball. However, in those few extra weeks, she also has learned how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h her little legs and arms, and just did not want to be curled up. Or sleeping, for that matter! She was wide awake the whole time I was there. And she had found her hand, so when she wasn’t moving around, she was sucking on her fingers.

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I still got some adorable, newborn-looking pictures of her, though!

i G4hBRD9 L zola | newborn session
 Her mom absolutely LOVES hair accessories: headbands, big flowers, big bows? Bring ‘em on!
i ZJDm893 L zola | newborn session
i PmQ5726 L zola | newborn session
 Just like her big sister, this baby was “Born for Big Bows!”















i 35xkNkN L zola | newborn session






















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 So, welcome to the world, Zola! I can’t wait to see you following in your family’s footsteps and flipping down the streets of Mooresville in the annual Christmas parade.