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January 6, 2012 Happy New Year!

Welcome to my new blog/website! I know that it doesn’t look much different from my other one, but the bells and whistles behind the scenes that make it easier for me to communicate are AWESOME! I’ve been working on migrating to this site for the past month or so (typical Anne move–pick the absolute busiest time of the year both for my job and my family to change platforms–what was I thinking?). But what better time to launch a new website presence than at the beginning of a brand new year?!

I have a bunch of sessions from November and December to share now that Holiday cards have been sent and gifts have been given and I don’t have to worry about spoiling any surprises. I’ll be working to get those on the blog over the next week while also preparing for a trip to Atlanta to test the waters as a corporate event photographer!

Also, be sure to check out the “How Much” page (under Details) to see some changes in pricing when you decide to purchase digital images (hint: you’ll get a great deal on all prints ordered through me!)

I’m looking forward to another fabulous year with all of my clients, and if I haven’t met you yet, I can’t wait to get to know you!