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It’s that time of year again: time to take advantage of our beautiful North Carolina weather and colorful foliage and get those photos taken for a stunning holiday card and gifts that will touch your family’s heart! My calendar is filling quickly and there are only a few weekend time slots still available, so I decided to offer my mini-session pricing on any day of the week through December 6th instead of picking just one or two days for these great deals. All you need to do is contact me to schedule a time that fits both our calendars, then pick one of the packages described below. 

The last day to schedule a photo session with me for this year is December 8th, so don’t delay: schedule today!

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>My house runneth over with nerf-gun bullets. Every place I look there is bound to be at least one of those bright orange sticks lying around. Not only is Ryan obsessed with them, his sisters gladly join in the nerf wars around the house.

Parents are not safe from being ambushed either. But now the weather is nice outside. And I have moved the nerf wars to the great outdoors.

The boys in the neighborhood are having a great time joining in the nerf madness, and the game has morphed into capture the flag.

1171392367 omiKP L >Boys Will be Boys   {Capture the Flag}
Kevin is often commenting that perhaps the kids are old enough to take down the play set (which I am not even remotely ready to accept). Now, thanks to this newest game, I can point to the fact that it is still being regularly used by even the older kids…
1171394380 VrGj5 L >Boys Will be Boys   {Capture the Flag}
Even the most camera shy will allow me to stalk them during capture the flag.
1171396543 mKHz7 L >Boys Will be Boys   {Capture the Flag}
1171398643 tcKL7 L >Boys Will be Boys   {Capture the Flag}
The shouts and laughter as the kids play actively outside fill my heart with gladness! I love that they are having so much fun just being kids.
1171400254 jVpYK L >Boys Will be Boys   {Capture the Flag}
And I really love that the nerf bullets are now raining down outside for the next few months…
1171402157 a64Ra L >Boys Will be Boys   {Capture the Flag}

March 11, 2010 >Growing Up {POTD}

>We tend to measure our children’s growing up by the big milestones: first smile, rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, potty training, etc. But so often the tiny moments in their lives that represent maturing are lost on us.

1177303801 PyaKf L >Growing Up {POTD}
Today my girls have asked to please have more “grown up” panties. With flowers on them. Or peace signs. Or polka dots. Or days of the week. Or just, gulp, plain.

So while I rejoiced the day(s) that we moved from diapers to big girl pants, today I’m feeling a little sad to leave those days of princesses and care bears behind.

February 28, 2010 >Twenty Tiny Toes

>A picture can relay so much information about its subjects. For instance, when I look at these little toes I see:

  1. Katy’s personality shining through with her choice to paint her toes lots of different colors. In a pattern.
  2. Livie’s love of order with a single color choice (and her current favorite color is blue).
  3. Katy’s toes are sticking straight out, with confidence, and she’s having a hard time keeping them still (see that one big toe that’s in mid-tap?).
  4. Livie’s little toes look a little shy, curling back and under just the tiniest bit.
  5. Katy’s feet are shaped a lot like mine (and my mom’s, and my sister’s, and my maternal grandmother’s): kind of wide at the front, and narrow at the heel. But she got lucky with nice toe nails that just beg to be painted (mine are really itty bitty teeny tiny).
  6. Livie’s feet are shaped a lot like her daddy’s (and his mom’s): somewhat narrow at the top and more narrow at the heel, and her first 3 toes are all even in height. She also got lucky with those fabulous toe nails!
1148236366 VCQBA L 2 >Twenty Tiny Toes

And this is what I love about photography. That so much information be captured, and preserved, at the touch of a button.

>Looking back over my first Project 365 from 2009, I can only feel grateful for Becky Higgins who was with Creating Keepsakes magazine at the time (now she’s got her own amazing business!), for introducing the concept to me.

While I was an avid scrapbooker for about eight years, I was always behind. And while I continued to scrap regularly after the birth of my twins, I really just kept getting further behind.

Now, I still love spending time scrapbooking with friends and being creative with paper and adhesive and photos, but I was in desperate need of a way to get a little caught up; a new way to look at my hobby; a way to capture and document those everyday moments that tend to fall through the cracks. Project 365 was my answer: a picture a day for an entire year. Now, I still take WAY more than one picture a day! And I will still make individual scrapbooks for my kids with photos and ideas that are more specific to them, but our family scrapbook will be done like this.

The best part to me? When you pick up your camera every. single. day. for an entire year you become much better at taking pictures, and you start to capture those things that make up your actual life.

And today? On February 22, 2010? We’re grilling out for dinner. Yum! So here’s my picture of the day, so that I can always remember that tiny little detail:

1148234202 AVmuE L 2 >Picture of the Day {POTD}   Project 365

>I may have mentioned that I really enjoy winter in North Carolina before, but the sentiment bears repeating! It’s February. And we’ve definitely had some cold days, and even a little snow.

But today? Today is gorgeous. And when the girls asked to have lunch outside, I simply had to oblige.

1148228769 cbZTT L 2 >Lunch on the Deck. In February. No Jackets Required!
Our pal Syd spends a fair amount of time playing with my girls. Let’s just say that the path between our homes is well-worn in both directions!
1148230611 kpBLX L 2 >Lunch on the Deck. In February. No Jackets Required!

I’m sure there will be more cold days ahead, but we will take these spring-like days any time God chooses to give them to us! (Have I mentioned that I am in love with this 50mm lens? So glad I went ahead and got the 1.4 f-stop…)

1148232529 kucDJ L 2 >Lunch on the Deck. In February. No Jackets Required!