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Emery’s family has been spending lots of time with me this year! I photographed her aunt as she prepared to compete in the Miss Charlotte Teen pageant, and then her mommy and daddy had a fun, two-part maternity session at my studio and at Fisher Farm Park. It was so exciting to finally meet Emery at her newborn session when she was just 9-days old. Some new babies have a hard time settling down at first, but not this girl! She spent most of our session in a milk-induced coma; but that shouldn’t have surprised me since she comes from a family that is so comfortable in front of a camera. Her mommy also competed in pageants so we got a special rhinestone tiara to use at all of her sessions this year. I think she wears it well, how about you?

Mooresville newborn girl emery | newborn baby girl studio session

Lake Norman newborn session emery | newborn baby girl studio session

details emery | newborn baby girl studio session

Mooresville newborn studio session emery | newborn baby girl studio session

Lake Norman newborn studio photography emery | newborn baby girl studio session

The best part about my Little Sprouts clients is how well I get to know them and their family as I photograph them multiple times over their baby’s first two years. I knew I was going to have fun with this couple from the first time I talked with Erica and I could actually hear her pregnancy glow through the phone. And when I arrived at their home for our initial consultation, she answered the door wearing a Virginia Tech sweatshirt? Well. Let’s just say I come from a home of Hokie fans, so it seemed like kismet that I was going to get to work with them!

These two are playful, and funny, and obviously have a lot of laughs together. Their baby is one lucky little fellow to be joining a family like this. Erica and Chris enjoy the outdoors, particularly fishing, so we met at Lake Norman State Park for their maternity session. Chris even tied special lures to their fishing poles (including a teensy tiny one for Emmett) for the occasion. This was one of the first warmer days after a long, cold winter, so we made the most of our gorgeous morning together. I can’t wait to meet Emmett SOON, and get to know you all even better this year!

Troutman maternity photographer lake norman state park maternity photo session | chris & erica
Fishing Themed Maternity Photos lake norman state park maternity photo session | chris & erica
Lake Norman Materntiy Photographer lake norman state park maternity photo session | chris & erica
Mooresville Maternity Photographer 768x1024 lake norman state park maternity photo session | chris & erica
Lake Norman Beach Maternity Photos lake norman state park maternity photo session | chris & erica

What a joy it is to help welcome a brand new baby to a family through photographing all those tiny details to help them to remember this fleeting time as she quickly grows! I met Emily and her mommy and daddy when she was just 7 days new. She was already becoming more alert and would quietly observe the world around her as I photographed her and her parents.

Miss Emily had started that one-week growth spurt on the day we met and she was very hungry! One of the great parts of hiring a custom photographer for newborn photos is that parents don’t need to feel rushed through a 15-20 minute session in the hopes that they walk away with 1 or 2 “decent” images. I will take as much time as is needed to allow for feeding(s), soothing, and re-diapering so that parents will have 20-30 keepsake images from our session.

And now, join me in welcoming Emily! Isn’t she lovely?

Lake Norman newborn baby girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

Davidson newborn girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

cornelius newborn baby girl emily | davidson newborn girl

Lake Norman newborn girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

Huntersville newborn baby girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

Congratulations to the “A” family! May your lives together be filled with joy. I can’t wait to see you all again when your new little miss is a wee bit older!

Jaxson’s grandma contacted me to schedule a newborn photo session as a gift to her daughter who was coming to visit from Colorado with her husband and new baby boy. We got together for our session at my home studio the day after the Ravens had won the Super Bowl (woo hoo!), and my house had not been completely undecorated from the previous nights party. It turns out that Jaxson’s daddy had grown up in Maryland too so we had some fun talking about what an exciting game it had been.

I typically photograph newborns when they are 5-10 days old because they tend to be more sleepy and their bodies are still very flexible and comfortable in the curled-up poses that mimic how they were positioned inside their mommy’s belly. At 23 days old, Jaxson had become much more alert, and also was enjoying the freedom of being stretched out! But we still managed some sleepy baby pictures in addition to the ones where he was bright-eyed.

Lake Norman Newborn Photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

Mooresville newborn boy photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

When Jaxson would wake up, if he started to fuss his daddy had a special way of holding him that always calmed him down within a minute or two. I was so glad I managed to snap a photo of this for them to remember one of those little details that is sometimes forgotten as our babies grow up. And it turns out that this method didn’t work much longer after we had gotten together, so it was truly a fleeting moment in their lives!

Davidson newborn boy photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

Cornelius newborn boy photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

Jaxson’s mommy is a member of the U.S. Army and is going to be deployed shortly, so I know that she will cherish these photos and the time that they shared as a family while she is away from them. Thank you to her and her husband (he is now retired from the Army) for their service to our country!

This photo session was a bittersweet celebration of a beautiful little girl’s first birthday. You see, Catherine has been one of my Little Sprouts babies. For the past year I have had the pleasure of working with this family to document some of the important milestones in the first year of her life. We met just days after she was born to capture the oh-so-fleeting newborn stage; then again when she was a smiley four-month-old, and was just starting to sit up; and then when she was eight-months-old and crawling and just brimming with curiosity. And so while I am so happy for her and her family, I will miss seeing them quite so frequently!

I love that our sessions become a blend of lifestyle photography that is a bit more photojournalistic and catches the moments where the family is interacting naturally with some studio-style images included to just feature our little star.

Lake Norman Family Photographer catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

Catherine’s mom made the beautiful banner in the background to use at her first birthday party the week before, and it made a gorgeous accent for our photos!

Mooresville Baby Photographer catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

Huntersville Family Photographer1 catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

Lake Norman Baby Photographer catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

Mooresville One Year Old Baby Photographer catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

Lake Norman First Birthday Photographer catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

I have Maddy’s Fatty’s bakery from Cornelius make all of the cakes used for my first birthday cake smash photos. I love that their cakes are all natural, beautiful, and they taste delicious! Catherine was a little tentative with the idea of smashing the cake, though. She did not like getting her fingers messy, and was much more interested in inspecting the cake and frosting than she was in actually eating it!

Lake Norman Cake Smash catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

Mooresville Cake Smash catherine | first birthday celebration session and cake smash

Happy Birthday, Catherine! And thank you to your family for trusting me to be your photographer throughout this year. I look forward to seeing you again once you are two!

One of my favorite spots to take photos on Lake Norman is at Stutts Marina. Not only is it close to home, it offers a lot of variety in locations for the pictures. And the sun sets in just the right place to give me some gorgeous light in the evenings! We decided to take advantage of this location for Brayden’s Little Sprouts 10 month session.

When we arrived, we were a little surprised to find some large construction vehicles there as the marina was doing some upgrades. I asked Amanda if she wanted to go to another nearby lake spot, but we decided that the big dump trucks actually would be an appropriate background for some of his pictures since he absolutely loves trucks!

His mom brought two outfits so that his pictures would show a little more of his personality. We started with his classic overalls, then stripped down to his diaper with the hat and socks, took a quick diaper change and snack break, and then put on his play clothes. He has grown so much since I saw him last! He is a crawling machine and he is on the verge of walking. It is so fun getting to see these babies grow!

His smile was absolutely contagious! But trying to keep the hat from his first outfit on his head was quite a challenge… taking it off was just too much fun. Playing with the classic Tonka dump truck that I brought to our session was fun too, but the best part was when we sat him in the soft dirt by the real dump truck. He could not stop picking it up by the handful, and squeezing it, and there was nothing that any of us could do to catch his attention to look up towards me–he was simply not going to be distracted!

10 month session baby boy brayden | 10 month session

10 month portraits baby boy brayden | 10 month session

10 month photos with trucks brayden | 10 month session

10 month photos with truck1 brayden | 10 month session

10 month photos playing in dirt brayden | 10 month session


I love getting to watch my Little Sprouts babies grow during their first year–it is amazing how quickly they change! I got together with the O family for our 3rd session just before Christmas. Catherine has become a little ham! She is curious, and smiley, and mobile.

I so love photographing this family because while they like some posed-type pictures, their preference, like mine, is for what is described by some people as “lifestyle” photos, and by others as “camera unaware.” These are the types of photographs to which I refer when I say that “real life happens between the poses.” These are the pictures that capture your family interacting with each other in an authentic way. In my personal experience, these are the types of photos that when we look at them in the future bring back a true wealth of memories. And isn’t that why we take photographs?

Eight Month Old Photo Session 3 catherine | 8 month session

Eight Month Christmas Session 1 catherine | 8 month session

Eight Month Old Photo Session catherine | 8 month session

Eight Month Old Photo Session 2 catherine | 8 month session

Four of the photographs I cherish the most are the four-generation pictures I have for my children while their great-grandparents were still living. It is so important to take those pictures when you have the chance! I know that these pictures showing the links of our family will be treasured by my kids some day too.One of my baby plan families scheduled time for a four generation photo session before their daughter’s 4-month-old session. We got together at Allison’s mom’s gorgeous home on Lake Norman to take the photos.

i BH93n4B X3 the o family | four generation photo session
First, the girls. It is so cool how you can see the family resemblance in these beauties!
i tCmZC9H X3 the o family | four generation photo session
Then we let some of the guys join the fun…
i mv6Bh44 X3 the o family | four generation photo session
I think that Catherine has the same color of eyes as her great-grandma!
i JJ9pfRm X3 the o family | four generation photo session
Kim (Catherine’s grandma), saved this dress from her childhood. You just don’t see this dotted swiss fabric used anymore, which is such a shame! Catherine was way more interested in checking out her toes than looking at me though…
i DH2MFMw X3 the o family | four generation photo session
Allison’s dad had been painting when I arrived, so had to get cleaned up to be in the pictures. This is my favorite picture of all of the direct members of the four generations. I hope that they will cherish this picture some day as much as I do mine.

My friend, Allyson, wanted a special gift to give to her brother and his wife for their new baby. She wanted something that would be memorable, and more enduring than just a new outfit, or a piece of baby equipment. So she purchased a newborn photo session!

I was so honored that she chose me to be the photographer (she has several other talented photographers as friends). But even more, I was struck by what a meaningful gift she chose. Many new parents don’t realize how quickly their newborn changes, and scheduling a newborn photo session is the last thing they are thinking of while trying to navigate the challenges of bringing home a new baby. I know that I didn’t think of doing photos of my babies until they were closer to a month old because I was nervous about taking them out to a portrait studio when they were so young. The photos that are captured during a newborn session will be something that parents will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives.

i HwwDVnn X2 reese | newborn session

I got to meet Reese for his photo session when he was 12 days new. He was still such a sleepy little guy, but was already starting to want to stretch out a bit more!
i mqhgp5R X2 reese | newborn session

He did NOT want to keep his legs curled up in the little nest.
i rGJXnm3 X2 reese | newborn session

He was starting his 2-week-old growth spurt, so we had to take a little snack break, but it hardly took any time at all for him to slip back into that newborn milk coma!
i LHjHsXd X2 reese | newborn session

I am forever amazed at what a newborn will sleep through! I can remember tiptoeing around with my son for fear of waking him up. But once they are in that deep sleep, you can move them all over the place!
i JgDZFH7 X2 reese | newborn session

When I was visiting my parents the week before this session, I raided some of my mom’s antiques. With a house like theirs, there is no need to go to antique stores! I couldn’t wait to try putting a baby in this old wooden bucket. It was a looking a little rough when I first brought it home, but after three applications of orange oil, the rich wood is just gorgeous! And when you curl a bitty baby inside, it’s just too cute. icon smile reese | newborn session
i f9DZWDp X2 reese | newborn session

His momma says that he almost always had his one little arm up by his head when he was still in her belly. I love how he put it up there for her to remember that forever in this picture.
i DfHV7QW X2 reese | newborn session

There is something about a tiny baby in his daddy’s arms that always melts my heart. I don’t know if it’s because the dad’s just seem so tender with them, or if it’s because the baby just looks that much teensier…
i CcMq4ZT X2 reese | newborn session

Thank you for allowing me into your home, Candice and Eric! I can’t wait to see the pictures you ordered once you have them hanging in your gorgeous home!

I am naturally shy (some people may not believe this, but it’s true!). It is hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and promote myself. So I was stunned, shocked, floored when I heard the words

“Do you have a newborn photographer lined up yet?”

come out of my mouth while talking with a pregnant teacher’s assistant at the book fair! I wanted to do a double-take and find out who had just said what I was thinking! I then proceeded to hand her my business card and a copy of my newborn session brochure and told her I’d love to take her pictures if she didn’t have anyone already booked. icon smile lilly | newborn session

About 6 weeks later I got the e-mail that she was going to be induced in a few days and she wanted to get the session scheduled! (Insert visual of me doing a happy dance here.)

Sweet Lilly arrived with a beautiful head of hair! She was nice and sleepy when I arrived for her session and settled right in.

i fkvrpW9 XL lilly | newborn session















She didn’t mind having a little hat put on…

i qHxMFvt XL lilly | newborn session















and even seemed fairly content for a few nekkid baby pictures… Look at those eyelashes! And I absolutely love those kissy little baby lips…

i rB5Qt5Z XL lilly | newborn session















However she would have nothing to do with being on her tummy. Every time I’d try, she’d either start to fuss or somehow get back onto her side.

i qvwpZFd XL lilly | newborn session















And if there’s one thing I’ve learned with newborns, it’s the need to be flexible and let their comfort guide the session.

i pVsLs9L XL lilly | newborn session















She even woke up for a bit towards the end so we got to see her gorgeous blue eyes. And how can a baby be anything other than content while lying on a cozy, warm sheepskin?

i 5qHxZTq XL lilly | newborn session















I can’t wait to come back to visit in a few months and take pictures of her with her big sisters!

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