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Emery’s family has been spending lots of time with me this year! I photographed her aunt as she prepared to compete in the Miss Charlotte Teen pageant, and then her mommy and daddy had a fun, two-part maternity session at my studio and at Fisher Farm Park. It was so exciting to finally meet Emery at her newborn session when she was just 9-days old. Some new babies have a hard time settling down at first, but not this girl! She spent most of our session in a milk-induced coma; but that shouldn’t have surprised me since she comes from a family that is so comfortable in front of a camera. Her mommy also competed in pageants so we got a special rhinestone tiara to use at all of her sessions this year. I think she wears it well, how about you?

Mooresville newborn girl emery | newborn baby girl studio session

Lake Norman newborn session emery | newborn baby girl studio session

details emery | newborn baby girl studio session

Mooresville newborn studio session emery | newborn baby girl studio session

Lake Norman newborn studio photography emery | newborn baby girl studio session

What a joy it is to help welcome a brand new baby to a family through photographing all those tiny details to help them to remember this fleeting time as she quickly grows! I met Emily and her mommy and daddy when she was just 7 days new. She was already becoming more alert and would quietly observe the world around her as I photographed her and her parents.

Miss Emily had started that one-week growth spurt on the day we met and she was very hungry! One of the great parts of hiring a custom photographer for newborn photos is that parents don’t need to feel rushed through a 15-20 minute session in the hopes that they walk away with 1 or 2 “decent” images. I will take as much time as is needed to allow for feeding(s), soothing, and re-diapering so that parents will have 20-30 keepsake images from our session.

And now, join me in welcoming Emily! Isn’t she lovely?

Lake Norman newborn baby girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

Davidson newborn girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

cornelius newborn baby girl emily | davidson newborn girl

Lake Norman newborn girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

Huntersville newborn baby girl photographer emily | davidson newborn girl

Congratulations to the “A” family! May your lives together be filled with joy. I can’t wait to see you all again when your new little miss is a wee bit older!

Jaxson’s grandma contacted me to schedule a newborn photo session as a gift to her daughter who was coming to visit from Colorado with her husband and new baby boy. We got together for our session at my home studio the day after the Ravens had won the Super Bowl (woo hoo!), and my house had not been completely undecorated from the previous nights party. It turns out that Jaxson’s daddy had grown up in Maryland too so we had some fun talking about what an exciting game it had been.

I typically photograph newborns when they are 5-10 days old because they tend to be more sleepy and their bodies are still very flexible and comfortable in the curled-up poses that mimic how they were positioned inside their mommy’s belly. At 23 days old, Jaxson had become much more alert, and also was enjoying the freedom of being stretched out! But we still managed some sleepy baby pictures in addition to the ones where he was bright-eyed.

Lake Norman Newborn Photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

Mooresville newborn boy photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

When Jaxson would wake up, if he started to fuss his daddy had a special way of holding him that always calmed him down within a minute or two. I was so glad I managed to snap a photo of this for them to remember one of those little details that is sometimes forgotten as our babies grow up. And it turns out that this method didn’t work much longer after we had gotten together, so it was truly a fleeting moment in their lives!

Davidson newborn boy photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

Cornelius newborn boy photographer jaxson | newborn boy | 23 days old

Jaxson’s mommy is a member of the U.S. Army and is going to be deployed shortly, so I know that she will cherish these photos and the time that they shared as a family while she is away from them. Thank you to her and her husband (he is now retired from the Army) for their service to our country!

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love photographing newborns?

They are more challenging to photograph than a lot of my subjects:

  • they often need to eat,
  • or have their diaper changed,
  • the room needs to be kept so warm that I’m generally sweating,
  • I’ve been pooped and peed on so many times that I now pack at least 3 shirts to change into, just in case…
  • and they are tiny, little humans who you need to treat carefully and with respect for their needs and more importantly their safety.

But in spite of the challenges, they are truly my favorites. I am touched every single time by their newness, their innocence, and what an absolute miracle they are. I remember when my son was born, my OB (who was the oldest doctor in the practice and had delivered thousands of babies) remarked that he is amazed every single time and counted himself blessed to be in the presence of one of God’s miracles at each delivery. That’s pretty much how I feel about photographing these little ones!

Blog 1 nicholas | newborn session

Nicholas was a little older than most of my newborns, just a little over 2 weeks old, and he was a BIG little guy! Okay, that’s a little contradictory, but you know what I mean. He had also gotten used to s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out, so those curled up types of poses just weren’t working for him.

Can you believe all that hair?! His big sister and his momma have the same gorgeous, thick, dark hair.

blog 2 nicholas | newborn session

During our session, he was an absolute angel with only a few peeps when he woke up to be fed.

blog 3 nicholas | newborn session

During one of his awake times, we brought his enthusiastic big sister upstairs for a few pictures with her new little brother. Amanda is only 2 years old, and she was utterly fascinated by her new baby. Her parents were a bit nervous about trying to have her hold him, so when she flopped herself down next to him, I just went with that!

blog 6 nicholas | newborn session

While mom was taking care of feeding Nicholas and freshening up his diaper, I got to chat for a bit with Amanda. She is such a doll!

blog 8 nicholas | newborn session

Just a few more little bits of delicious newborness:

blog 7 1024x682 nicholas | newborn session

I was so struck by his sweet little ears! Love that fine fuzz on his face…

blog 5 1024x682 nicholas | newborn session

I think this picture of Nicholas’ hand, nesting in his mom’s, nesting in his dad’s is one of my favorites from this session. I love seeing just how tiny these newborns are, and comparing them with their parents makes for a great contrast.

blog 4 1024x682 nicholas | newborn session

Thank you for the honor of documenting this time for the newest member of your family!


My friend, Allyson, wanted a special gift to give to her brother and his wife for their new baby. She wanted something that would be memorable, and more enduring than just a new outfit, or a piece of baby equipment. So she purchased a newborn photo session!

I was so honored that she chose me to be the photographer (she has several other talented photographers as friends). But even more, I was struck by what a meaningful gift she chose. Many new parents don’t realize how quickly their newborn changes, and scheduling a newborn photo session is the last thing they are thinking of while trying to navigate the challenges of bringing home a new baby. I know that I didn’t think of doing photos of my babies until they were closer to a month old because I was nervous about taking them out to a portrait studio when they were so young. The photos that are captured during a newborn session will be something that parents will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives.

i HwwDVnn X2 reese | newborn session

I got to meet Reese for his photo session when he was 12 days new. He was still such a sleepy little guy, but was already starting to want to stretch out a bit more!
i mqhgp5R X2 reese | newborn session

He did NOT want to keep his legs curled up in the little nest.
i rGJXnm3 X2 reese | newborn session

He was starting his 2-week-old growth spurt, so we had to take a little snack break, but it hardly took any time at all for him to slip back into that newborn milk coma!
i LHjHsXd X2 reese | newborn session

I am forever amazed at what a newborn will sleep through! I can remember tiptoeing around with my son for fear of waking him up. But once they are in that deep sleep, you can move them all over the place!
i JgDZFH7 X2 reese | newborn session

When I was visiting my parents the week before this session, I raided some of my mom’s antiques. With a house like theirs, there is no need to go to antique stores! I couldn’t wait to try putting a baby in this old wooden bucket. It was a looking a little rough when I first brought it home, but after three applications of orange oil, the rich wood is just gorgeous! And when you curl a bitty baby inside, it’s just too cute. icon smile reese | newborn session
i f9DZWDp X2 reese | newborn session

His momma says that he almost always had his one little arm up by his head when he was still in her belly. I love how he put it up there for her to remember that forever in this picture.
i DfHV7QW X2 reese | newborn session

There is something about a tiny baby in his daddy’s arms that always melts my heart. I don’t know if it’s because the dad’s just seem so tender with them, or if it’s because the baby just looks that much teensier…
i CcMq4ZT X2 reese | newborn session

Thank you for allowing me into your home, Candice and Eric! I can’t wait to see the pictures you ordered once you have them hanging in your gorgeous home!

I am naturally shy (some people may not believe this, but it’s true!). It is hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and promote myself. So I was stunned, shocked, floored when I heard the words

“Do you have a newborn photographer lined up yet?”

come out of my mouth while talking with a pregnant teacher’s assistant at the book fair! I wanted to do a double-take and find out who had just said what I was thinking! I then proceeded to hand her my business card and a copy of my newborn session brochure and told her I’d love to take her pictures if she didn’t have anyone already booked. icon smile lilly | newborn session

About 6 weeks later I got the e-mail that she was going to be induced in a few days and she wanted to get the session scheduled! (Insert visual of me doing a happy dance here.)

Sweet Lilly arrived with a beautiful head of hair! She was nice and sleepy when I arrived for her session and settled right in.

i fkvrpW9 XL lilly | newborn session















She didn’t mind having a little hat put on…

i qHxMFvt XL lilly | newborn session















and even seemed fairly content for a few nekkid baby pictures… Look at those eyelashes! And I absolutely love those kissy little baby lips…

i rB5Qt5Z XL lilly | newborn session















However she would have nothing to do with being on her tummy. Every time I’d try, she’d either start to fuss or somehow get back onto her side.

i qvwpZFd XL lilly | newborn session















And if there’s one thing I’ve learned with newborns, it’s the need to be flexible and let their comfort guide the session.

i pVsLs9L XL lilly | newborn session















She even woke up for a bit towards the end so we got to see her gorgeous blue eyes. And how can a baby be anything other than content while lying on a cozy, warm sheepskin?

i 5qHxZTq XL lilly | newborn session















I can’t wait to come back to visit in a few months and take pictures of her with her big sisters!

My girls’ teacher at AcroFitness was expecting her second baby and I had the privilege of doing her professional newborn session! Typically I recommend scheduling newborn sessions during the first 5-10 days after the baby is born, but we didn’t get together until Zola was nearly 1-month old.

i 8KN9R4v L zola | newborn session

One-month-old? Well, surely that is still a newborn, right? Of course! She was still teeny tiny, and capable of curling up in a ball. However, in those few extra weeks, she also has learned how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h her little legs and arms, and just did not want to be curled up. Or sleeping, for that matter! She was wide awake the whole time I was there. And she had found her hand, so when she wasn’t moving around, she was sucking on her fingers.

i KhpHqqF L zola | newborn session

I still got some adorable, newborn-looking pictures of her, though!

i G4hBRD9 L zola | newborn session
 Her mom absolutely LOVES hair accessories: headbands, big flowers, big bows? Bring ‘em on!
i ZJDm893 L zola | newborn session
i PmQ5726 L zola | newborn session
 Just like her big sister, this baby was “Born for Big Bows!”















i 35xkNkN L zola | newborn session






















i pn3Zrnd L zola | newborn session
 So, welcome to the world, Zola! I can’t wait to see you following in your family’s footsteps and flipping down the streets of Mooresville in the annual Christmas parade.

I was both thrilled and honored when my daughter’s teacher contacted me about doing a newborn photo session for her new grand baby! As a shower gift, she gave her daughter a gift certificate for my Baby’s First Year package. Each Tuesday when I would come in to volunteer in the classroom during March I’d get the “not yet” head shake, while her teacher waited excitedly to become a grandma.

Katy came home with the news on the 21st that Allison was being induced the next day! We scheduled her newborn session for the 26th, and I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful family…

When I arrived, Catherine was sound asleep, and she stayed that way for nearly all 2 hours that I was there.

1236794173 RhsT3 L catherine | newborn session | baby plan















It was such a laidback newborn session. I was able to move her around and pose her without even a flicker of her eyes.

1236801345 838Vn L catherine | newborn session | baby plan















And with a mommy as beautiful as Allison, is it any wonder that Catherine is so gorgeous?

1236749313 mtD8h L catherine | newborn session | baby plan















This is why it is so important to schedule a newborn session during those first 5 – 10 days! The baby is wonderfully sleepy and happy to curl up in little nests.

1236761093 w7CHQ L catherine | newborn session | baby plan















Jimmy was positively bursting with pride over his new little daughter, and was so attentive to both of the girls in his life.

1236770438 mfwmc L catherine | newborn session | baby plan
1236798917 uJqLn L catherine | newborn session | baby plan















Their two dogs were in crates right next to where I was taking pictures, but Catherine slept right on through their occasional whines and yips. And even when Jimmy let them out for a family photo, she kept on snoozing…

1236745176 xJR5A L catherine | newborn session | baby plan
1236743899 vZ8aR L catherine | newborn session | baby plan















Dublin and Oakley were so happy to be a part of all the activity they’d been patiently observing.














Finally, after nearly two hours of pictures, she began to stir just a bit. This is one of my favorite photos from the entire session. It’s not posed, it doesn’t really show their faces, but it absolutely shows how a new baby is utterly absorbing… and how parents’ focus changes completely with a new baby’s arrival…

1236748143 o8M3i L catherine | newborn session | baby plan






















Hey! There are those little eyeballs that we haven’t see all morning! I am so looking forward to watching Catherine grow and change over the next year. Thank you so much for trusting me to document this time.

1236952922 PKGjq L catherine | newborn session | baby plan

Amanda called me to schedule a newborn session when Brayden was just over a week old, and we scheduled it for a few days later to allow for her husband to be home for the session too.

1129346620 KqMUw L 1 brayden | newborn session | baby plan

Brayden was just 14 days new, and had just started a bit of a growth spurt! You can already see some bitty little rolls of chub starting to form.

1129337512 3VuzJ L 1 brayden | newborn session | baby plan

We had to take a few more breaks than some newborn sessions because he was working hard to increase her milk supply. And there’s a funny rule with babies: more input = more output… So we had a few more messes too!

It was amazing to see how connected he already was to his parents, and of course they were pretty smitten too. That bond is just indescribable.

1129339516 4G2jg L 1 brayden | newborn session | baby plan
His daddy has the largest hands I’ve ever seen!












1129331084 64DvC L 1 brayden | newborn session | baby plan




1129314527 eBNau L 1 brayden | newborn session | baby plan
 It may have taken a little longer to get him to settle down, but once he fell asleep, he was out for the count.
1129315375 RPhEJ L 1 brayden | newborn session | baby plan
 After our newborn session, Amanda and Alonzo decided to upgrade to my Baby Plan, so we’ll be able to watch Brayden grow over the next year! I am already looking forward to our four-month-old session…











It’s been a while since a new baby has joined our neighborhood, so we were all excited to welcome Abigail, but I think her big brother and sister were the most thrilled!

It doesn’t matter how many newborns I see, I am always amazed at just how teeny, tiny they actually are. What an absolute miracle to have this brand new little person in the world!

948277386 LUYWN L abigail | newborn session
I had so hoped for some sleepy newborn pictures for her parents, but she was wide awake and alert the entire time I was there. Seven days old and she did not want to miss one thing! She’s going to keep her parents hopping…
948276958 RhBFN L abigail | newborn session
I loved seeing how she was so connected to her big sister, Ava, and vice versa. As soon as I placed her in Ava’s arms they could not keep their eyes off each other. It was like they were in their own private world.
948275284 C9aJe L abigail | newborn session
Nicholas is such an energetic little boy, but he was completely gentle and relaxed with his new baby sister
948275910 tMd35 L abigail | newborn session
Thank you for allowing me to document this special time for your family!
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