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Little Sprouts Package

Your baby will change more during this first year than any other time of his or her life. The Little Sprouts Package is a great way to document this first year while enjoying the level of customer service and attention to detail found only through custom photographers. It includes four custom sessions throughout your baby’s first year. Choose four sessions from the following:

Maternity Session: Celebrate this special time in your life as you prepare for your new arrival. It is amazing how quickly you will forget just how big you were, and how it felt to grow a little human! You (and your children) will love seeing how you looked some day down the road. It is also a chance to record the special bond between you and the daddy-to-be and the excitement of future big brothers or sisters. For the best images (and just in case of an early arrival), schedule this session between 32 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy.

Newborn Session: This session should be scheduled to take place during the first 5-10 days of your baby’s life. When you book the session, let me know your due date and I will schedule more loosely around that time to be sure to be available when your baby makes his or her appearance. Typically lasting 2-3 hours, I will help you to remember the tiny details of your sleepy, little newborn that are so fleeting. I will also include other members of the family in this session and their reaction towards your new baby.

Gummy Grinner Session: Schedule this session when your baby is between 3 and 4 months of age. We’ll capture those smiles that are flowing so freely, and show how he or she has filled out and grown some little rolls of baby chub. Plan to have an outfit or two for a variety of images.

On the Move Session: Once your baby is sitting up confidently on their own or pulling up to a stand, we’ll get together to document these new accomplishments. Typically this session is scheduled between 7 and 9 months. Once again, plan to have a favorite outfit or two, and any special toys. If weather allows, this is a fun session to take outdoors.

Happy Birthday Session: Congratulations! Your baby has reached a fun milestone and we will celebrate with a cake and balloons! We’ll start off with a favorite outfit, and then strip down to a cute diaper cover for fun with a specially decorated cake from Maddy’s Fatty’s. I’ll record his or her exploration (and destruction) of the cake, and all the delightful mess! You can add a bubble bath session to show the clean up afterwards for an additional $50.

Birthday Bash   

Throwing a special birthday party?  Let me come and help you document all those unforgettable moments. I will arrive approximately 45 minutes before the party begins to have a mini portrait session with the guest of honor. During the party (up to 2 hours), I will circulate and take a variety of photo-journalistic candid shots, as well as some posed photos of the guest of honor with each of the guests.  You will receive either a beautiful, 30-40 page 8×10 photo book chronicling the event, and one 11×14 photo mounted and sprayed from the portrait session; or a DVD containing medium resolution images from the party (good for printing up to 8×10 photos).

 A Day in the Life

As a photographer who loves “slice of life” photos more than any other, this is a project that I love to do for other people to help families remember all of the ordinary things that add up to make an extraordinary life. Too often we only document the special events with photographs, but that only accounts for 10% of our lives (if we‘re lucky!). What about the way the breakfast dishes look in the kitchen sink? Or how you look driving your kids to school or activities? What do you do when you’re at work, or at home? Where do you regularly go to run errands? What is life like for your pets while you’re going about your chores? Do you have pictures of your children in their classrooms or on the playground at school? Let me follow your family for a day, at multiple locations and document the wonderful reality of your daily life. The finished, digitally edited photos will be displayed in a large, 13×11 photo book you’ll be proud to display on your coffee table.